About stel+mar


Who we are

stel+mar is the result of two families spending time together raising their children and navigating their way through the maze of life.


During one of their Sunday afternoon gatherings at the park they naturally fell into a conversation about food and wine. The food was easy to grab and load into the picnic basket but the wine was a challenge. Everyone had different varietal favourites and then there was the glasses and corkscrews – it was too much work.


Enjoying wine

Enjoying wine should not be work. It was that very picnic situation that gave birth to stel+mar.


The families agreed to form a partnership. They would source only premium wine and package it into cans – an  easily accessible and environmentally friendly format, that would allow them to enjoy great wine anywhere their full lives chose to take them.


Our commitment

We believe that the simple pleasures in life should be just that simple.


We believe that it is in the simple moments our lives unfold and we experience some of our fondest memories.


We believe that good food and good wine often accompany and are the catalyst for these moments.


We believe that simple should not require compromising on taste.


We are committed to providing amazing wines to compliment these moments.

Our collection

Cali born and raised

After a family adventure through Cali, it only seemed fitting that our first series of wines be Californian. There is something that lures us all to the carefree spirit we ascribe to California. It is that very spirit that we have tried to harness and bring to life in stel+mar’s first wine launch.

Seize the moment

Our wines were carefully chosen for their quality and crowd pleasing attributes. Though fancy enough to serve in a glass paired with a fine dining experience, our wines are more greatly celebrated when the moment is seized and the moments magically unfold.

California Red

A classic Lodi Red Zinfandel! A robust wine packed with ripe fruit (cherries, cassis, and blackberries) yet enough acidity to give it lift. The rich berry flavours are highlighted with subtle hints of chocolate and vanilla that do not overpower. Finished with ripe tannins. This medium-bodied Zinfandel pairs beautifully with lamb, grilled beef, and pizza.

California White

This beautiful Unoaked Chardonnay from Mendocino, California offers aromas of Anjou pear, nectarine, and green apple. The palate shows ripe orchard fruit and citrus flavours that are light and lively, backed by bright acidity. Vanilla minerality with some lingering toffee tones. This fruit-forward Chardonnay pairs beautifully with fish, grilled chicken, and sushi.

California Rosé

This wine is bursting with aromas of fresh watermelon and hints of strawberry. Bright red berry fruit, melon and apricot flavours echo the aromas. Refreshing and dry, this Rosé is medium- bodied with balanced acidity. Perfect poolside and at the dock or served with summer salads or grilled fish.

Sparkling White

California Series

We added some bubbles to our premium white and voila – the perfect intersection of great wine and some delicious effervescence.

Sparkling Rosé

California Series

Borrowing from our delicious Rose we added a pop of sparkle – enjoy the bubbles.



Origin and making

Though complex in their origin and making, we believe that  premium wines should be accessible and a pleasure to enjoy wherever life takes us. Premium wine in a can is our manifestation of these beliefs.


stel+mar is committed to offering premium wines in a can, right sized to enjoy whenever the moment presents itself.


Modern wine lifestyle

Because life can take you anywhere…


We are all always on the go. Travelling through the moments and often running when maybe we should walk. Sometimes we need to stop and smell the roses or in our case, stop and enjoy a can of stel+mar.


Anywhere and everywhere

stel+mar respects that you live life to the fullest and the wine you choose to accompany you should be a kindred companion.


We chose premium wine and packaged it in a can so that we could enjoy stel+mar anywhere and everywhere. Its our companion for great meals alone or with friends and family. We hope it becomes your companion for wherever you roam.

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About stel + mar

Chris Noll

Justin Dumitrescu

Who we are

How do you make great wine? If you’re Chris and Justin, you start simple: find the best wines from the best regions, produced by the best wine makers. Once they found the makers, they asked themselves an even more important question: why does good wine need to come in a bottle? Pretty much everything else comes in a can. Why not wine? And why not them?


So the two decided to bring wine into the 21st century – modern, sustainable, portable, and above all, exceptional – with a can that looks clean, contemporary and nothing like what your dear Aunt Agnes serves.* So… why not wine? Yes, we can.


 * No offence, Aunt Agnes.

Our wines

Wine regions are like fingerprints. Every single one is different. California grows some of the best Cabernet Sauvignons in the world – but it’s no climate for Malbec. Australia makes a killer Shiraz – but a Riseling will wilt in its warm climate.


It’s why we don’t limit ourselves to one specific wine region. Instead, we seek out the regions responsible for producing the world’s best wines.

Modern wine lifestyle

stel+mar isn’t just premium wine – it’s premium wine made to fit your lifestyle. Sure, there’s a time and place for decanting and the pageantry of uncorking – but is all that really essential to the everyday wine-drinking experience?


We prefer wine that’s simple, easy to drink and satisfying. And we think you will, too.